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  • 1 10” flour tortilla

  • 1 oz. shredded cheddar cheese

  • 2 ozs. Cilantro Lime Spread Instead

  • 1 oz. sautéed onions

  • 1 oz. sautéed red & green peppers


  1. Place flour tortilla on cutting board

  2. Spread Cilantro Lime Spread Instead on half the flour tortilla.

  3. Place shredded cheddar cheese on the other side of flour tortilla.

  4. Add sautéed onions and peppers. Fold in half.

  5. Place in a non-stick sauté pan, on medium-high heat sprayed with cooking spray.

  6. Lightly brown on both sides. When done place on cutting board and cut into 3-4 pieces.

  7. Serve with sour cream and salsa or guacamole.

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