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Christopher Morini Sr. and his brother Albert Morini are cofounders of Morini Brands. Christopher is the Creator of RISOFU  , the World’s First Rice (curd) based alternative to meat. Both share the same family history, experience and values.

Their history proudly dates back to 1915 with their grandparent’s first small grocery store located in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. Albert and Christopher’s parents Angelo and Lisa grew Nonno (grandpa) and Nonna (grandma) corner market into MORINI MARKETS, a small supermarket chain of 4 between 1940 and 1980. Working alongside his father, a hands-on operator and a "butcher of meat", Christopher learned the trade as well as a few secret formulas handed down in making many specialty meat products like ground beef, Italian sausage, sandwich spread and more. After a 25 year professional career in the natural foods industry, Christopher envisioned a meat-like product that would be

revolutionary, healthy, pure and based on the natural greatness of rice, not soy. With those early experiences - inheriting over a 90-year tradition of delivering wholesome foods, quality, value, and innovation - the stage was set for him to conceptualize and create Risofu™. In 2007, MORINI BRANDS was founded. Fittingly, this new food would need a suitable name, so Christopher created a portmanteau by combining the Italian word for rice – “riso” and “fu” from rice tofu (curd). RISOFU (rhee-ZOE- foo) - Natures Alternative to Meat™.

Christopher brings with him over 25 years of experience in the natural foods industry. His unique knowledge, experience, and vision were the driving forces behind the creation of Risofu™. Prior to the Morini Brands start-up, he was an executive at Galaxy Cheese Co. and Galaxy Nutritional Foods where he held the positions of Vice President of Sales & Marketing and V.P. New Business Development. He worked hands-on in research and development. It was there at Galaxy Nutritional Foods, a publicly traded company, where Christopher Morini Sr. created Veggie Slices and Go Veggie - nature’s alternative to cheese and the world’s first rice milk base cheese alternative. His vision, along with a great team, created these two positions and brands that re-vitalized the company to profitability in the 1990s. Both remain market leaders and the core business for Galaxy Nutritional Foods.

Christopher hopes that one day, RISOFU will be as common to say as, cheese, butter, margarine, yogurt, and gelatin, and be available in many varieties. Morini Brands recognizes rice to have tremendous untapped potential. Rice is a miracle crop grown easily and abundantly around the planet.


Al believes "RISOFU is an intellectually sound food choice because of RISOFU's inherit natural goodness. The product is a groundbreaking meat alternative opening a new category of seemingly limitless food choices while presenting an exciting opportunity to address the global outcry for tastier, healthier, and safer options from the food industry and for the planet.“


Like their parents and grandparents, with pride and integrity, Morini Brands is dedicated to delivering quality and innovation. Recognizing that they are evaluated by each consumer and business associate that they are privileged to serve and interact with, Morini Brands pledges to improve wherever and whenever possible – in every aspect of their business operations. They expect to be judged and will judge themselves not only by what they achieve but how they achieved it.


“Our intent is to achieve a positive lasting impact for our marvelous planet, its great people and future generations.” - Al & Christopher Morini.


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