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Orlando Health ORMC testing and addressing vegan
food options in cafeteria.



Morini Brands Risofu®, a new food innovation and the world's first rice-based meat alternative designed to break the mold in plant-based meat category is now available at Orlando Health ORMC in new Spread Instead® as a lunch mean alternative fresh sandwich.


Recently, Morini Brands Risofu® has partnered with Deli on the Go by MAK Food Service, that is supplying a  verity of fresh vegan sandwiches to Orlando Health ORMC, to satisfy the hospitals staff and eventually patients  in need. Mak Food Service is using 5 flavors of new Spread Instead®. they are ; 1. Bar-B-Q sweet and smokey 2.  Traditional sweet relish, mayo and mustard 3. Cilantro Lime Spicey Bold and Zesty 4. Bangin’ Buffalo Tangy,  Spicy and 5. Roasty Garlic, with Rosemary, Basil and Peppadew.  

Christopher Morini Sr. Creator and Co-Founder states “ we are honored to be in test with ORMC and proud that  they have taken a leadership role to help the many in need of healthy plant based options “  Dec 12, 2020, from 11pm to 3pm Spread Instead® made with Risofu® will be sampling in the cafeteria.  

ELLWOOD CITY, PA / CLERMONT, FL - November 2, 2020  

Seeking to offer all consumers a true choice in the meat alternative category, Morini Brands is introducing Ground Risofu™ (pronounced rhee-ZOE-foo), an organic, rice-based meat alternative, packaged in a ground format, designed for those who want to eat better, but are bored with the less-than-inspired pre-formed foods that currently dominate the analogue meat category.  “I was inspired to create Risofu years ago, after learning about a rice-based tofu (as opposed to soy) used in the  Shan Region of Asia for thousands of years. Initially, we went to market with the Bahama Burger, a line of pre-formed patties made with Risofu. After a few years, it became clear consumers were bored with preformed foods and so I set out to transform Risofu – and the category – by creating a bulk ground product that can be crafted into whatever the consumer wants. We see this as a transformative new food innovation,” said Christopher Morini,  Creator/Co-Founder of Morini Brands. Mr. Morini continued, “While the research and development on this was quite extensive, the results are quite simple: If you can make it with ground meat, you can make it better with Risofu. And, more importantly, you can Make it Your Way! And we think that’s important to today’s savvy, health-conscious consumers.”  

In addition to offering consumers the ability to “Make it Your Way”, Risofu has other appealing attributes: similar protein content to that of meat without the saturated fats, vegan, organic, gluten-free, and free of the top 8 aller gens, including soy. “Consumers who are seeking to reduce meat consumption at home -- or at their favorite restaurant -- will be excited to learn they now have greater recipe flexibility when it comes to crafting nutritious meat-free dishes. And for those not wanting to go completely vegan, Risofu blends easily with any ground meat,  creating a simple way to reduce meat consumption while still enjoying all their favorite foods. There are other new entrants into this alternative meat category that are generating “buzz”, but we feel Risofu is going to appeal to vegans and flexitarians in ways these others just can’t,” states Tina Nelson of Tradewinds Food Solutions, advisor to Morini Brands.  

Based on client tests in the foodservice channel, it is anticipated that there will be significant demand for Risofu.  The company has licensed manufacturers and is in discussions with a number of interested partners.

Mr. Charlie Manis, President and CEO of Vanguard Culinary stated, “Risofu is truly innovative, versatile, along with numerous features and benefits. Risofu opens up a wide range of opportunities now and in the future addressing the meat alternative category, we believe Risofu can give us a formidable competitive edge.”  

The company has a full innovative product pipeline ready for launch in 2021 for retail supermarkets, with Risofu  Sandwich Spreads, offering consumers even more variety.  


Risofu is currently available in 5-pound packages for foodservice operators & chefs whose vegan customers are seeking something beyond burgers on the menu. Morini Brands’ Executive Chef, Susan Harman, is available to select foodservice customers for recipe development. Later this summer, the company will roll out an attractive one-pound, retail-ready package designed to be merchandised in the traditional retail meat case. According to Ms. Nelson, “During the first phase of our launch, we plan on working with restaurants & retailers whose consumer base seeks first-to-market concepts. While this is an exciting breakthrough, we realize it’s a new concept in the alternative meat category and we want to reach out to early adopters and pay keen attention to their needs and expectations. We also anticipate Risofu will resonate with consumers & foodservice operators who are leaders in the blended burger movement taking shape across the US.”  

About Morini Brands

The Morini family has been in the food business since 1919, when their grandfather, Mario Morini, opened his first of four grocery stores. With an inherited spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, Albert Morini and his three brothers became one of the first pizza manufacturers in the U.S. and by the mid-’70s began making cheese related products. Christopher and Albert, two brothers, pioneered the country’s first soy-based cheese and eventually transitioned into better-for-you foods market by introducing the first-ever healthy cheese alternative in  1983. By 1987 their family company, Galaxy Nutritional Foods, Inc, became publicly traded and in 1991, a devastating fire resulted in moving the company to Orlando, Florida. In 1994, Christopher conceptualized Veggie soy milk cheese Slices and Rice milk cheese Slices which propelled Galaxy Nutritional Foods into a leadership role in the alternative cheese category. That brand by 2005 was approaching almost 1 billion in sales. The company was eventually sold and, as Morini Brands, Albert and Christopher are continuing their passion for creating healthy, trusted foods with a new food innovation, Risofu™, The world’s first rice-based meat alternative™ and  Nature’s Alternative to Meat™.  



For More Information Contact:


Christopher Morini,


Direct: 407-373-8775

Office: 321-206-6996

Tina Nelson, President

Tradewinds Food Solutions, LLC


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