Not just an explosion of great flavors! Garlic’s properties can improve immunity and heart health with properties like antioxidants and allicin. Rosemary’s possible benefits include digestion, concentration, and aiding the circulatory system. With roasted caramelized onion flavor and other spices, Roasty Garlic delivers great taste with many health benefits.


  • ​Risofu*

  • rice protein*

  • cannellini beans*

  • green lentils*

  • chia*

  • beet powder*

  • black pepper

  • roasted garlic

  • roasted onion

  • rosemary

  • peppadew

  • salt

  • natural flavor and natural color

  • Guar and Xanthan Gum**

  • fermented sugar**



Morini Brands non-GMO and organic compliant ingredients are tested by third-party accredited laboratories.

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